How to Keep Your Apartment Safe this Holiday Season

How to Keep Your Lubbock Apartment Safe this Holiday Season The holiday season is officially upon us. This can be a busy time of the year for many, especially those commuting between home and family. Unfortunately, unattended apartments are more susceptible to break-ins and theft around this time of year too. To keep your home … Continued

Checklist to Keep Your Apartment Spring-Clean All Winter Long

Growing up you might remember your mother or father aggressively cleaning for the annual Spring clean-up of your home–maybe you were even enlisted in their efforts. But, what you probably have never heard of is Winter cleaning. However, if you think about it, Winter cleaning is just as important as Spring cleaning. After all, you … Continued

5 Easy Steps to Prep your Home Before You Sell

5 Easy Steps to Prep your Lubbock Home Before You Sell First impressions are important, and these days with a high volume of homes on the market, potential buyers are more critical than ever before. So, what’s going to help them choose your home versus the one down the block? Buyers are looking for the … Continued

3 Simple Home Security Upgrades That Will Help to Deter Burglars

Whether you’re going on an extended holiday or are just concerned about security in your neighborhood, you might be curious about the best ways to pursue safety in your home. If you’re wondering how you can successfully stave off theft without a high price tag, here are some tips for protecting your property.   Keep … Continued

McDougal Construction President Named Texas Association of Home Builders Developer of the Year

  LUBBOCK, TX – David Miller, President of McDougal Construction, has been named 2016 Texas Association of Home Builders Developer of the Year. He has traveled the state of Texas representing the residential construction interests at local home builders’ associations, school district meetings, state legislative hearings and business forums. Since House Bill 5 passed in … Continued

McDougal REALTORS Welcomes New Vice President

  LUBBOCK, TX – Marc McDougal, McDougal Companies CEO, recently announced Doug Duncan as Vice President of McDougal Realtors. Duncan started his career selling luxury homes in 2005 in the Hill Country of Texas after graduating from Abilene Christian University. Doug is father to two beautiful girls and husband to his college girlfriend, Rebecca. Doug’s … Continued