How to Buy A House

How to Buy A House

Buying a house is an emotional, exciting, and stressful experience. It is a process filled with a lot of questions that you didn’t even know you had before you started. Whether it is choosing the right home or qualifying for the best mortgage, you want to minimize the amount that you don’t know. Use this … Continued

Ready to Buy a Home? First Consider these 5 Things

Life is full of exciting firsts. Your first love, your first job, and buying your first place. Buying a home is very exciting, but you want to prepare for this commitment adequately. McDougal Companies is thrilled for your new journey and wants to share five things we believe you should consider when buying a home. … Continued

Understanding Property Management Contracts

The “fine print” in a contract may seem like a chore to us, but with a lack of effort, this could lead to misunderstanding. Contracts are made to eliminate confusion and provide a mutual understanding of how the relationship will function. All property management contracts should address the following. Outline of Work   It is … Continued

Buyers will Pay More for Smart Homes

Network connected appliances, lighting, thermostats, TVs, security devices and more have increasingly become the evolution of smart home technology. Homeowners are provided with comfort, safety, accessibility, and energy efficiency in their smart homes.   The Rise of Smart Home Technology As time goes by, buyers are becoming more and more aware of the capabilities of … Continued

The Danger Of Using Unlicensed And Uninsured Contractors

Real estate development is always a gamble for many reasons. There are several risks individuals take as investors, builders, and homebuyers. The one risk you should not take, however, is the use of an unlicensed and uninsured contractor. Hiring a Licensed and Insured Contractor When an accredited general contractor takes on a project, some delegation … Continued

Neighborhood Profile: Maxey Park

Opportunities abound in this famous Lubbock neighborhood. Location The neighborhood of Maxey Park borders Texas Tech University along 19th Street and 34th Street. From east to west, Maxey Park goes from Indiana Avenue to Quaker Avenue. The neighborhood is named for Maxey Lake. It is also home to Lubbock’s Medical District. Houses Many of the … Continued

Neighborhood Profile: Coronado

Historic Coronado is a great place to start out in Lubbock. Location Coronado, from east to west goes from Quaker Avenue to Slide Road and goes from 19th Street to 34th Street north to south. It is bisected by the Marsha Sharp Freeway, which makes it a great neighborhood for commuters. Coronado is very close … Continued

Neighborhood Profile: Tech Terrace

Why is Tech Terrace known as The Best Square Mile in Lubbock? Location Along the south border of Texas Tech University, Tech Terrace does indeed make up a square. The boundaries are 19th Street, University Avenue, 34th Street and Indiana Avenue. Situated next to the medical district, Tech Terrace is perfect for students and faculty … Continued

Red Raider Housing: Renting vs. Buying for Your Student

Here are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself when deciding to rent or buy a house for your child. Can you afford an investment property? Before you do anything else, we suggest meeting with a financial adviser. Houses are an asset, but can also be a liability (mortgage payments, etc.). You’ll want to … Continued