Reduce Risk in Rental Property Management

Reduce Risk in Rental Property Management

There are numerous risks with renting out units, but we have the solutions for reducing these rental property management risks. As a property management company, McDougal takes pride in serving our clients needs in all aspects. We want to assist you with ways you can reduce risks in rental property management too. Keep reading to … Continued

Finding a Good Property Manager

To have a successful property rental business, it is essential to have someone you can trust and rely on managing your properties. The property manager needs to be someone who can run day-to-day operations and respond to renter’s needs. Whether you go with an independent property manager or a property management company, use these steps … Continued

When Should Landlords Hire a Property Management Company?

The most significant decision to make as a landlord is knowing when you should hire a property management company. If hiring a property manager is something you are interested in, ask yourself these questions.    Do You Have a Large Number of Properties?   The more rental properties a landlord has the more responsibilities will … Continued

5 Benefits of Using A Favorable Property Management Company

The list goes on and on from hiring a reputable and experienced property management company. In this blog, we will address five benefits of using a favorable property management company.   High-Quality Tenants Are you tired of searching down the perfect tenants for your property? When you hire a property management company, the search is … Continued