4 Things to Remember When Renting to Elderly Tenants

4 Things to Remember When Renting to Elderly Tenants

Elderly individuals typically make fantastic tenants. The loud music, parties, unpredictable incomes and sketchy activities associated with youth are probably well behind them. That being said, they do typically have unique needs when it comes to occupying a property. Fair Housing Act & Eviction Procedure     You might pride yourself of being the “hip” … Continued

Investor’s Guide: All the Property Types You Could Add to Your Portfolio

Different types of properties offer investors different advantages. Market Rate The vast majority of rental properties are “market rate” meaning that the landlord can charge whatever price is set by the rental market, without any subsidies or discounts. These properties are the most straightforward for owners to purchase and lease out. Having a strong market … Continued

Is Fall A Good Time To Sell Your House?

Conventional wisdom says to sell in spring, but fall can work, too. Yes, technically the best time to sell is spring. For the U.S. as a whole, the spring real estate market is when houses spend the least time on the market and get the best returns generally. However, the fall season has many of … Continued

Summer Is A Great Time To Sell Your House.

Why Summer? While the real estate market is busiest in spring, summer is a seller’s market if you play your cards right. Plus, it’s easiest to deal with real estate in the summer when the rest of the world has slowed down. Fewer houses are on the market. Because most houses sell in the springtime, … Continued

Neighborhood Profile: Maxey Park

Opportunities abound in this famous Lubbock neighborhood. Location The neighborhood of Maxey Park borders Texas Tech University along 19th Street and 34th Street. From east to west, Maxey Park goes from Indiana Avenue to Quaker Avenue. The neighborhood is named for Maxey Lake. It is also home to Lubbock’s Medical District. Houses Many of the … Continued

Neighborhood Profile: Coronado

Historic Coronado is a great place to start out in Lubbock. Location Coronado, from east to west goes from Quaker Avenue to Slide Road and goes from 19th Street to 34th Street north to south. It is bisected by the Marsha Sharp Freeway, which makes it a great neighborhood for commuters. Coronado is very close … Continued

Keep An Eye Out: New Home Checklist

Before closing, check these things out on your final walkthrough If you’re in the process of buying a house, you probably know that you hold almost all the power. The sellers are basically at your mercy-until closing day! That’s why you’ll need to be diligent during your final walkthrough. It’s your last chance to spot … Continued

Why Young Professionals Should Move to LBK

The Hub City is the ideal place to build a career for young Texans. The 806 is a hub for higher education Texas Tech University There are opportunities abound for young professionals seeking higher education. Texas Tech University main campus has almost 40,000 students, and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center and Texas Tech School … Continued

Neighborhood Profile: Heart of Lubbock

This neighborhood association and historical district is hard to “beat”. Location The Heart of Lubbock community makes up a perfect square mile. University Avenue and Avenue Q border it to the east and west, with 19th Street and 34th bordering north to south. Situated right next to Tech Terrace, Heart of Lubbock also serves as … Continued