10 Tips To Beautify Your Rental Home Without Upsetting Your Landlord

10 Tips To Beautify Your Rental Home Without Upsetting Your Landlord

Believe us, sprucing up your rental home is possible and easy to do! Rental homes often come with a low monthly cost, but you pay an opportunity cost with the strict stipulations that come with the regulation of the home. Therefore, we found ten ways to make some minor changes to your rental home seem significant!

1. Replace Hardware

It may seem small, but replacing door knobs or cabinet handles can completely change the color scheme of a room. Whatever your taste, new knobs will help you tie it all together. You can always change them back before your lease ends.

2. Rugs

You probably can’t do much about the flooring in your temporary home, but you can mask it with the rug of your choice. Unable to paint the walls? Add some color to your room with a bright flooring decorative piece.

3. Hang drapes over blinds

Drapes are not only great for covering up torn up, yellow-ish blinds, but they also help keep your space cohesive with whatever theme you choose.

4. Wall Shelving

Your rental may lack storage where you may need it, like the kitchen. Add some simple wall shelving to stack and rack your items. Bonus: it adds some major dimension to your walls. Just remember to patch any holes before you move out and always follow your rental agreement.

5. Potted Plants

Many landlords restrict their renters from gardening or landscaping the yard. We understand how this can be frustrating. However, potted plants are all the rage when creating your little oasis inside or out.

6. Add a Freestanding Island

Is your rental lacking counter space? Add some with a freestanding island. It’s more counter space, but on wheels!

7. Command Hanging Strips

Wall decorations are always crucial to personalizing your temporary space. The ”no nail” rule can be a tricky one. However, command strips are a lifesaver to anyone who wants to hang things on their walls without ripping off the paint.

8. Tapestries

These magic sheets work wonders when it comes to filling up wall space and adding color to a room! Note: go easy on any other patterns in your area as a tapestry should be your wall centerpiece.

9. Patio Furniture

Don’t forget about the outdoors! Most rental homes have very open, empty backyards. Add some chairs and a table, and you instantly have a second living room, but with warmer temperatures and sunlight.

10. Removable Wallpaper

Add some structure to any room with easily removable wallpaper. Put a fun pattern on a wall to create a focal point of the room.