Neighborhood Profile: Rush

Neighborhood Profile: Rush

Why do the 1,300 residents of Rush love it so much? The Long-standing community of Rush is named after George B. Rush, a Lubbockite who was known for service to the West Texas community. The neighborhood has a classic West Texas style design and architecture with some modern renovations. It’s also situated conveniently near all … Continued

Why Restoring Lubbock Matters

Most of us don’t understand restoration and redevelopment, but we benefit from it every day. While in-progress construction tends to annoy us, we all take for granted the rapid growth that Lubbock (and West Texas) has seen. We all benefit from the expansion and growth of our beloved LBK. There’s also many perks: more restaurants … Continued

The Pioneer Pocket Hotel

History In phenomena that have become quite familiar to Texans from West to East, many of the beautifully crafted buildings of a bygone era have fallen victim to deterioration and demolition. The old Hotel Lubbock building was, at one time, close to becoming another statistic in this category. Thankfully, it’s time has yet to come. … Continued