10 Tips To Beautify Your Rental Home Without Upsetting Your Landlord

10 Tips To Beautify Your Rental Home Without Upsetting Your Landlord

Believe us, sprucing up your rental home is possible and easy to do! Rental homes often come with a low monthly cost, but you pay an opportunity cost with the strict stipulations that come with the regulation of the home. Therefore, we found ten ways to make some minor changes to your rental home seem … Continued

5 Questions to Ask a Property Manager

What To Ask Before Signing The Lease… The location is ideal, the price seems right, and the contract is drawn up. But before you sign your name on the line, there are some questions you should ask a property manager. The worst that can happen is that you don’t get the answers that you wanted. … Continued

8 Must-Do Fall Attractions And Events In Lubbock

In Lubbock, Fall can be pretty unpredictable. Lucky for you, we provided a variety of activities for any type of weather the South Plains throws at you. 1. First Friday Art Trail First Friday Art Trail Webpage This Lubbock time-honored tradition is held the first Friday of every month, rain or shine. Grab your family … Continued

10 Fall Decorating Essentials for your Home

Find 10 Fun Autumn Crafts Perfect For Your Home… It’s the most anticipated time of year for many Americans. There’s football, pumpkin flavored everything, family time, and what the ladies of the house look forward to most, Fall decorating. As the leaves change, so do the centerpieces on your dining room table and decorations on … Continued