Ready to Buy a Home? First Consider these 5 Things

Ready to Buy a Home? First Consider these 5 Things

Life is full of exciting firsts. Your first love, your first job, and buying your first place. Buying a home is very exciting, but you want to prepare for this commitment adequately. McDougal Companies is thrilled for your new journey and wants to share five things we believe you should consider when buying a home. … Continued

When Should Landlords Hire a Property Management Company?

The most significant decision to make as a landlord is knowing when you should hire a property management company. If hiring a property manager is something you are interested in, ask yourself these questions.    Do You Have a Large Number of Properties?   The more rental properties a landlord has the more responsibilities will … Continued

5 Benefits of Using A Favorable Property Management Company

The list goes on and on from hiring a reputable and experienced property management company. In this blog, we will address five benefits of using a favorable property management company.   High-Quality Tenants Are you tired of searching down the perfect tenants for your property? When you hire a property management company, the search is … Continued

What’s Ahead for the Apartment Market

The U.S. apartment market has shifted significantly in the past decade. Apartment prices are on the rise and getting hot for this spring and summer. Sales are mirroring the economy and increasing demand from millennials. Keep reading to find out what to expect for the apartment market in the months to come. Inventory is Rising … Continued