5 Easy Steps to Prep your Home Before You Sell

5 Easy Steps to Prep your Home Before You Sell

5 Easy Steps to Prep your Lubbock Home Before You Sell

First impressions are important, and these days with a high volume of homes on the market, potential buyers are more critical than ever before. So, what’s going to help them choose your home versus the one down the block? Buyers are looking for the best. Therefore, that is what you need to present–and it all starts with prepping.

Enhance Your Landscaping

Back to first impressions, your front yard is the first thing a buyer sees when arriving at your property. Therefore, ensure your landscape is well kept. So, mow the yard, trim the trees, plant flowers, and don’t forget to pick up after your canine guests (if you have any).

Remove Personal Items

When buyers are walking through your home, they want to feel as if they can envision living here–eating dinner at the dining room table, watching their favorite movies in the living room, and cooking Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen. However, they can’t exactly do that with baby photos of YOUR children lining the walls and end tables. Instead, think simple and declutter.

Make Repairs

Buyers want to believe they are buying a home in tip-top shape and they can’t do so with broken fixtures or a squeaky door. Often these fixes are swift and inexpensive with a quick trip to your local home improvement store.

Organize Closets

Cluttered and messy closets give the impression that your home doesn’t have enough storage space and may send buyers away. Go through and get rid or donate clothes that you don’t want. If your closet still appears cluttered, consider using vacuum sealed bags for storage. They are a great way to hold excess clothing and can fit right under your bed.

Make Everything Sparkle

Potential buyers want to purchase a home that has been cleaned and looking brand new. Clean up your place by dusting the fans, mopping the floors, and washing your cabinets to a shiny finish. A little extra effort could potentially accumulate a sale.