6 “Instagram Worthy” Locations in Lubbock

6 “Instagram Worthy” Locations in Lubbock

While many say that Lubbock is one of the most boring places in the United States, many local and Texas Tech University residents beg to differ. One of the ways to tell is the many Instagram-worthy places in Lubbock that not only offer a stylish selfie, but a fun time as well.

Holly Hop Ice Cream Shoppe

This 50’s style ice cream shop on 34th and Indiana transports you back to the good ole days when bubblegum pink and checkered floors were all the rage. After placing your order of several ice creams, sodas, or malts, put a coin in their jukebox and grab that selfie.

Sugar Brown’s Coffee Wall

Sugar Brown’s Coffee on the corner of 19th and Avenue T has a wall that has already been Instagrammed hundreds of times. I’m talking about the gray wall with white writing that says, “Made in the LBK.” Yes, it’s just as good as it sounds. Not only does this wall exist, but the coffee inside is amazing. A clean, naturally lit cove that hosts musicians every now and again is sure to give more Instagrammable moments.

Lubbock Memorial Arboretum

Lubbock has trees! What?! How?! They’re all at the Lubbock Memorial Arboretum. You can walk in and feel like you’re not in the flattest city on earth. The arboretum provides some serious selfie worthy pictures with people wondering where on earth you could be! Coming to the arboretum not only will supply you with great photos but will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere among the plants and trees that are so carefully manicured. Every October they host a pumpkin trail and, in the spring, a plant sale! Year-round, several events happen at the Lubbock Memorial Arboretum, so keep it in mind for your next jaw-dropping Instagram pic.

Buddy Holly Statue

If you don’t know that Buddy Holly is our local claim-to-fame, then you haven’t been in Lubbock very long. Buddy Holly is the pride and joy of Lubbock, and we have a whole museum dedicated to the rock-and-roll legend. He has a statue across the street from the museum surrounded by plaques of other Lubbock music legends making this the perfect spot to get your musician-inspired selfie. Outside the museum is a huge replica of Buddy Holly’s iconic glasses. If you don’t get your picture next to these, you’re wasting your time being there!  

Tech Terrace Park

One of the most iconic and welcoming neighborhoods in Lubbock is Tech Terrace, just south of Texas Tech University. In the heart of it is Tech Terrace Park where you can see dogs running around, kids flying kites, or families playing. Several Tech students come here to pitch their hammock on the poles provided and enjoy a warm spring day. With a few towering trees and a fun, welcoming community atmosphere, there’s plenty of chill selfies to supply.

Downtown/FFAT location with graffiti art

If you’re more on the creative side and want to get up close and personal with some awesome art and graffiti, look no further than LHUCA: the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts. Every first Friday of the month, LHUCA hosts the First Friday Art Trail. Although the trail spreads across Lubbock, most of it is located at the hub of LHUCA and the buildings surrounding it. There you’ll find the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, the Helen Devitt Jones Clay Studio, studio apartments for residency artists, and lots of art. Many murals depicting anything from Lubbock sunrises to Dia de Los Muertos can be found there. Just find your favorite and snap a pic.