Moving? How to pack the perfect box.

Are you getting ready to pack for your move? Let McDougal help you brush up on your packing tips. If you are ready to start packing your boxes up, take a minute to read this blog. All you need is: Durable Boxes  Packing Peanuts  Bubble wrap/tissue paper/newspaper  PVC Tape  Scissors  Labels  Sharpie How to Wrap … Continued

Cost Effective Options for Updating Your Rental Property

Are you struggling to find ways you can spice up your rental property? We have a list of recommendations for updating your property that is affordable and easy.  Add Fresh Paint Painting is the easiest way to start updating your rental property. Plus, you can negotiate a lower price when you buy paint in bulk.  … Continued

Reduce Risk in Rental Property Management

There are numerous risks with renting out units, but we have the solutions for reducing these rental property management risks. As a property management company, McDougal takes pride in serving our clients needs in all aspects. We want to assist you with ways you can reduce risks in rental property management too. Keep reading to … Continued

How Has Technology Changed How We Buy/Sell Homes?

Technology has caused the real estate industry to take a complete 180, with even more to come in the future. If you remember the days prior to technology, online listings, virtual tours, and e-signing were not an option. The emphasis on real estate has shifted to a whole other dimension. As of right now, apps, … Continued

Top Spots for Happy Hour

If you’re a local or a visitor from out of town, Lubbock offers a great variety of happy hours for anyone to enjoy. You can find great margaritas, domestic and imported beer, and delicious cocktails. Here are three recommendations that for sure will meet your needs. Chimy’s Cerveceria Located on Broadway in front of Texas … Continued

Best Moving Companies

Moving to a new home or apartment can be a hassle, but when you choose a great moving company, it can make a world of difference. Here are three great moving companies that are based out of Lubbock to help you in your next move! Affordable Moving Who are they? Affordable Moving has been around … Continued

Buyers Guide to Home Inspections

It’s been weeks and a staggering amount of houses you have looked at. You weighed out the pros and cons of each home and finally settled on a beautiful Victorian style house, but what’s next? The next step may be as important as finding the perfect home, it’s to get the house inspected. For most … Continued

Best Parks In Lubbock

Whether you have dogs or kids, a walk in the park is always a good idea for something different to do. You don’t want to go to any park; you want to go to a park that is clean, has enough things to look at and do, and makes you feel safe when you spend time there. … Continued

Finding a Good Property Manager

To have a successful property rental business, it is essential to have someone you can trust and rely on managing your properties. The property manager needs to be someone who can run day-to-day operations and respond to renter’s needs. Whether you go with an independent property manager or a property management company, use these steps … Continued

How does rent in Lubbock compare to other cities?

Lubbock is home of the largest cotton-growing region in the world. The city of Lubbock is growing and there is an endless amount of opportunity in this West Texas town. Average Rent in Texas A recent dip in Lubbock’s rental rates has placed a two-bedroom apartment way below the national average. According to Apartment List, … Continued