Smart Assistants – How they can help you at home

Smart Assistants – How they can help you at home

More likely than not, you have used a virtual assistant like Siri, Alexa, or Cortana. These devices  can be found on almost any smartphone just waiting for someone to ask a question. They are commonly used to read a text or to check up on the weather. However, a smart assistant, same as a virtual … Continued

What’s Ahead for the Apartment Market

The U.S. apartment market has shifted significantly in the past decade. Apartment prices are on the rise and getting hot for this spring and summer. Sales are mirroring the economy and increasing demand from millennials. Keep reading to find out what to expect for the apartment market in the months to come. Inventory is Rising … Continued

How to Cut Your Energy Bill This Winter

Saving money on an energy bill is simpler than we think. Here are a few hacks for cutting your energy bill while staying warm this winter. Adjust the Thermostat: Adjust the temperature of your house according to your schedule. You have a few options to help reduce your energy bill. You can reduce the temperature … Continued

Ways to Make Your Home Warm This Winter

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a cold house during the winter. While we can’t decide the weather outside, we can control the temperature in our homes. There are numerous things you can do to make your home a warmer place to be. Here are some ideas to keep your home warm and cozy … Continued

10 Tips To Beautify Your Rental Home Without Upsetting Your Landlord

Believe us, sprucing up your rental home is possible and easy to do! Rental homes often come with a low monthly cost, but you pay an opportunity cost with the strict stipulations that come with the regulation of the home. Therefore, we found ten ways to make some minor changes to your rental home seem … Continued

5 Questions to Ask a Property Manager

What To Ask Before Signing The Lease… The location is ideal, the price seems right, and the contract is drawn up. But before you sign your name on the line, there are some questions you should ask a property manager. The worst that can happen is that you don’t get the answers that you wanted. … Continued

Sublease Season: Find Summer Housing Solutions

Summer is upon us in the 806. In a college town like Lubbock, summer can be a challenging time for renters. Tech students are going home before their lease ends or they need a short-term lease for summer classes. However, the summer renter’s dilemma affects more than students. Anyone going on a trip for a … Continued

Checklist: Apartment Essentials

Everything you need if you’re moving into a new apartment Moving is the worst. If you’ve never had your own apartment, you likely have no idea what you actually need. Between furniture, household appliances and supplies, and even general comfort items it can be easy to forget the essentials. Anyone has moved has found themselves … Continued

How to Keep Your Apartment Safe this Holiday Season

How to Keep Your Lubbock Apartment Safe this Holiday Season The holiday season is officially upon us. This can be a busy time of the year for many, especially those commuting between home and family. Unfortunately, unattended apartments are more susceptible to break-ins and theft around this time of year too. To keep your home … Continued