Cost Effective Options for Updating Your Rental Property

Cost Effective Options for Updating Your Rental Property

Are you struggling to find ways you can spice up your rental property? We have a list of recommendations for updating your property that is affordable and easy. 

Add Fresh Paint

Painting is the easiest way to start updating your rental property. Plus, you can negotiate a lower price when you buy paint in bulk. 

Replace Doors

Doors are likely to get damaged at rental properties. However, you can install new doors at a low cost. Installing new doors will dramatically increase the overall look of the rental unit. You can check with local hardware supply companies to find discounted door prices. 

Pressure Wash

If you need to liven up the outside of your property, all you need is a pressure washer. Many people will make the mistake of spending thousands of dollars on renovations, when in reality it may just be a simple fix. 

It is as simple as finding someone to pressure wash the house for you or buying one and doing it yourself. Either way, your home will look more appealing in no time. 


Are you struggling with ways to get your property rented? Landscaping can make that happen. If you are willing to put the time and effort into the inside of a house, why not put the same effort into the outside? 

Landscaping is as simple as going and buying flowers to plant around the yard. Flowers will add a nice touch to the overall look of the house and show the potential tenants that you take pride in your properties. 

Install Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is more affordable than carpet. Plus, carpet collects dust, stains, and isn’t as appealing as wood flooring. 

The best part about wood flooring is that tenants prefer it versus carpet. It’s a plus for you too as the property manager because you won’t have to replace it as often as you would with carpet. Therefore, both you and your tenants will be happy choosing wood flooring. 

Add a Backsplash

Are you still curious about ways to add value to your property? Adding a backsplash is one simple and cost-effective solution. We recommend choosing a classic look that will appeal to the masses.