Downtown Lubbock Landmarks

Downtown Lubbock Landmarks


You can’t really know the 806 until you make it downtown.

So, where are all the landmarks?

Buddy Holly Center-1801 Crickets Ave.

As a tribute to the late Buddy Holly (a Lubbock Native), the Center focuses on bringing the arts to the Lubbock community. Within the center are the Buddy Holly Gallery, the Foyer Gallery, and the Fine Arts Gallery. There is also the Allison House, where the late J. I. Allison lived and co-wrote many songs for “The Crickets” with Buddy Holly. The center provides tours, public events, and membership benefits. Don’t forget to get a picture with Buddy Holly’s statue!

LHUCA-511 Ave. K

The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts is a landmark for its unique architecture and graffiti art. Its abundance of

“insta-worthy” backdrops make it a new LBK landmark. On the first Friday of every month, LHUCA hosts “First Friday Art Trail” in partnership with the surrounding art galleries.

Cactus Theater-1812 Buddy Holly Ave.

Built in 1938, the Cactus Theater was the first movie house in Lubbock. After closing down in 1960’s, it was eventually restored as a live music venue in 1995 by Don Caldwell, of Caldwell Entertainment. The Cactus Theater is now a cornerstone of nightlife in the Depot District.

What’s next for Downtown LBK?

McDougal is the lead developer for a 600+ acre redevelopment across the central business district of Lubbock, Texas. The one-hundred-year-old downtown area will be transformed into a “City within a City.” The redevelopment process will include utility infrastructure upgrades as well as features such as shopping centers, student housing, retail, destination and boutique hotels, bicycle paths and parking garages. Downtown Lubbock will soon be home to other additions like the National College Baseball Hall of Fame, and a new performing arts center.

Over the past five years, construction permits in the downtown district have totaled more than $56 million, indicating the area’s strong investment potential. The revitalization project has the potential to create tremendous and long-lasting economic impacts to the city of Lubbock. It is estimated that the Downtown Project will increase the area’s value from around $27 million to $800 million by the year 2030 while creating nearly $20 million in additional revenue during that time.