How does rent in Lubbock compare to other cities?

How does rent in Lubbock compare to other cities?

Lubbock is home of the largest cotton-growing region in the world. The city of Lubbock is growing and there is an endless amount of opportunity in this West Texas town.

Average Rent in Texas

A recent dip in Lubbock’s rental rates has placed a two-bedroom apartment way below the national average. According to Apartment List, the median rent in Lubbock is $820/month compared to $1160/month for the rest of the nation.

Unfortunately, for other Texans in larger cities, they have seen a rise in rent. The following graph shows the largest 10 cities in Texas, with their average rent.

Lubbock Rent Compared to Other Major Cities

Other major cities around the nation have also seen an upward rise in rent. Some up to 3% rise in rent compared to 0.3% decline in Lubbock.

The graph below shows the average rent for some of those larger cities.

Cost of Living

A large part of why rent is much more affordable in Lubbock than in other parts of the nation is due to the cost of living (the amount of money you need to maintain a certain lifestyle in a given place).

Websites like, BestPlaces, use a scale to calculate the living index (a measure that allows you to compare what it costs to live in one place versus another).

What this index show is how a city (of your choosing) compares to the US average which equals 100. So, if the index is greater than 100 its more expensive if less than 100 its less expensive. Take a look at the following table.

As the table shows, in all categories, living in Lubbock is just less expensive than these other cities. This leads to a lower cost of living and rent which can help with a better quality of life.