How Has Technology Changed How We Buy/Sell Homes?

How Has Technology Changed How We Buy/Sell Homes?

Technology has caused the real estate industry to take a complete 180, with even more to come in the future. If you remember the days prior to technology, online listings, virtual tours, and e-signing were not an option. The emphasis on real estate has shifted to a whole other dimension.

As of right now, apps, virtual reality, social media marketing, and drone technology are all being used to buy and sell homes. Keep reading to find out more on the impact that technology has made on the real estate industry.


Buying and selling homes are now accessible from your mobile device. Thanks to technology, we can now look through listings on apps such as Zillow, Redfin, Xome, HomeSnap, Trulia,, and more. Better yet, all of these apps are free and offer more services than ever before.

Social Media Marketing

Very rarely do we see flyers for homes that are for sale. Now, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents are sharing information through the internet. It is all within just the click of a button on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The word is being spread much easier and quicker through the use of social media marketing.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is not just associated with games, but also the real-estate industry. If you want to buy a home, real estate agents now offer virtual reality tours of homes. If you want to sell a home, virtual reality and 3-D rendering are also being used.

The Online Buying Process

Technology has made the buying process accessible from your computer. You can now address financial concerns and mortgage through internet banking. Prior to technology, it could take weeks or months to go through the entire process. Now, it can be as quick as a few days.

Why Agents are still in Demand

Although technology has dramatically improved how we buy and sell homes, agents are still in high demand. We discovered this to be a valid point from a recent study that said, “Buyers are still working with an agent 88 percent of the time.”

Finding the right home is by far the most difficult step of the process. Therefore, the best way to narrow your options down would be through a real estate professional.

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