How to Cut Your Energy Bill This Winter

How to Cut Your Energy Bill This Winter

Saving money on an energy bill is simpler than we think. Here are a few hacks for cutting your energy bill while staying warm this winter.

Adjust the Thermostat:

Adjust the temperature of your house according to your schedule. You have a few options to help reduce your energy bill.

  1. You can reduce the temperature while you’re gone all day and turn the thermostat up when you’re home and awake, then turn it back down right before you go to sleep. An abridgment of this option is for you to turn the thermostat up when you first wake up in the morning and turn it down from when you leave until you return.
  2. When you are home, you can set your thermostat as low as you feel is suitable.
  3. You can keep it on a moderate temperature at all times, not too warm or cold.

Consider and try each of these techniques to see which works best for your household. Each should reduce your energy bill this winter if executed properly.

Only heat used rooms:

A simple cost cutter for the winter is to only heat the rooms that you use. If you have rooms in your home that aren’t inhabited on a daily basis for an extensive amount of time, close and seal off the air vents in that room to keep your heater from working so hard. This will allow the heat that would’ve originally flowed to those rooms to directly flow to the rooms that are actually used in your home. This idea is a two-fer, you get to cut your energy bill and fill the rooms that you use with more heat.

Minimize the Use of Appliance Fans:

Do your best to reduce the number of times that you have to use a bathroom or kitchen fan during the winter. While appliance fans often reduce smoke, smell, and steam, they also reduce the heat in the air. When it comes to the bathroom fan you can help to reduce the need of the bathroom fan by using a slightly cooler water pressure during your shower or reducing the length of the actual shower. The steam will eventually evaporate so there is no need to use the fan. For the kitchen, only use the fan when the smoke could potentially set off the smoke alarm.

Staying warm shouldn’t mean that you have to have a large energy bill, warmth has never been so cost-friendly. You shouldn’t have to pay a substantial amount just to be satisfied with the warmth in your home. These are just a few options you can try for cutting your energy bill this winter.