Keep An Eye Out: New Home Checklist

Keep An Eye Out: New Home Checklist

Before closing, check these things out on your final walkthrough

If you’re in the process of buying a house, you probably know that you hold almost all the power. The sellers are basically at your mercy-until closing day! That’s why you’ll need to be diligent during your final walkthrough. It’s your last chance to spot any issues or needed repairs you would otherwise be stuck with before you lose all your leverage.

Verify repairs

Bring your inspection summary with you to the final walkthrough. Make sure that all the repairs were actually made. Also be sure to get receipts and warranties from the sellers in case you need to follow up with any contractors that worked on your house.

Check your sales agreement

In addition to the inspection summary, you’ll want to bring your sales agreement to the final walkthrough. With the agreement, you can make sure all the items that are supposed to be there are actually there. Think: Did the sellers agree to give us the washer and dryer? Then, go make sure they are in the house. You also want to make sure unwanted items have been removed.

Inspect for mold and water damage

In the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry space you’ll need to check for mold, water damage and standing water. An undetected leak can really cost your family budget later on. Test the toilets and sinks for water flow, too.

Test appliances

Turn on every single appliance in the house to make sure it works properly. You don’t want to move in and have to replace an appliance unexpectedly. The kitchen is a no-brainer, but don’t forget about the laundry room too.

Try out the A/C System and Heater

No matter how hot or cold it is outside, you’ll want to turn on both the cooling and heating systems in your new home. Broken A/C and heaters are super inconvenient and expensive to repair.

Search for outlets and test them

Make sure outlets all over the house are working. If you find multiple spotty outlets, there could be a larger electrical issue in the house. Electrical issues can be dangerous, so you’ll want to make sure the house is wired correctly before move in.

Search for any pests

Look for dry rot, spongy floors, or crumbly timbers. If your house has a pest problem, it’s easier to fight before the whole family moves in. Also, check for any droppings. You don’t want any extra creatures sharing your home with you.

Walkthrough Checklist

General Items

_ Are all the items that convey with the sale present?
_ Have unwanted items been removed?
_ Have garbage and construction debris been removed?
_ Is there any damage to floors or walls caused by movers?
_ Is the property clean?


_ Have the repairs been completed?
_ Did the seller provide all warranties and bills for repairs?


_ Mold or water damage?
_ Test appliances:
_ Stove/Oven
_ Garbage Disposal
_ Refrigerator/Freezer
_ Dishwasher
_ Microwave


_ Mold or water damage?
_ Does the toilet flush?
_ Are the toilets running or nonfunctional?
_ Do the faucets leak?
_ Fill the sinks and tubs. Do they drain?

Laundry Area

_ Test washer and dryer
_ Fill the utility sink. Does it drain?


_ Test all lights and fans
_ Test all electrical outlets
_ Check the circuit breaker. Is it clean and working?


_ Test sprinkler system
_ Make sure sellers didn’t pull up plants

Home Management Systems

_ Heater and A/C
_ Doorbell
_ Security System