Land Company in Lubbock & Texas

McDougal Land is a developer of housing, retail, commercial, and mixed use properties officially founded on November 2, 2007. Our projects span the spectrum, from raw land to complex urban redevelopment projects. We own housing properties in Renaissance Park, Willow Bend and North Pointe.

Successful Redevelopment Projects

The company’s largest accomplishment came when the company transformed North Overton from a crime-riddled, dilapidated area to a thriving and economically flourishing community that is known as Overton Park today. Thanks to McDougal Land, the redevelopment project has grown the property value from $26 million in 1999 to $625 million today with expectations of the value to increase to $800 million by 2030.

The next major objective is the Downtown Redevelopment Project, which is currently under way.

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