Downtown Lubbock Land Redevelopment

McDougal is the lead developer for a 600+ acre redevelopment across the central business district of Lubbock, Texas. The redevelopment area spans North and South from Marsha Sharp Parkway down to 19th Street and East to West from Avenue Q to I-27. The one hundred-year old downtown area will be transformed into a “City within a City”. The redevelopment process will include utility infrastructure upgrades as well as features such as shopping centers, student housing, retail, destination and boutique hotels, bicycle paths and parking garages. Downtown Lubbock will soon be home to other additions like the National College Baseball Hall of Fame, and a new performing arts center.

Revitalizing the City of Lubbock

Over the past five years, construction permits in the downtown district have totaled more than $56 million, indicating the area’s strong investment potential. The revitalization project has the potential to create tremendous and long lasting economic impacts to the city of Lubbock. It is estimated that the Downtown Project will increase the area’s value from around $27 million to $800 million by the year 2030 while creating nearly $20 million in additional revenue during that time.