Lender Representative Services

For a financial institution, underwriting a project includes significant liability and exposure throughout the construction process. McDougal Site Services understands the dollars at stake for any lender on any size project. We understand the importance of accurate periodic payment applications. We will be your eyes and ears on the jobsite to help ensure that all items being paid are appropriate and high standards of construction are maintained.

The team available for your project has more than 90 years combined experience in the construction industry and over 30 years of experience in architecture. Our unique combination of skills allows us to take a project from the planning and design phase and see it through to the final payment application is complete.

Our Lender Representative Services include:

  • Analyze plan constructability to limit necessary change orders after the bid process
  • Serve as the eyes and ears for the lender in the field
  • Represent the lender at key meetings
  • Monitor project scheduling
  • Provide monthly reporting
  • Evaluate alternative materials for economic alternatives to project construction
  • Provide construction draw inspections monthly, bi-weekly, or as needed
  • Change order pricing review throughout the project lifecycle