Neighborhood Profile: Heart of Lubbock

Neighborhood Profile: Heart of Lubbock

This neighborhood association and historical district is hard to “beat”.


The Heart of Lubbock community makes up a perfect square mile. University Avenue and Avenue Q border it to the east and west, with 19th Street and 34th bordering north to south. Situated right next to Tech Terrace, Heart of Lubbock also serves as a student and faculty neighborhood for Texas Tech University, TTU School of Law, and the TTU Health Sciences Center. The location and resident profile make the neighborhood the perfect vibe for both families and students alike.


The Heart of Lubbock’s charm comes from its historic homes and buildings. The neighborhood is filled with restored 1950’s ranch houses and even some eclectic 1970’s builds. Each home has a personality of its own.


There are lots of places in the Heart of Lubbock neighborhood to chill out. The three main parks are Stumpy Hamilton Park, Chapman Field, and Carlisle Park. The parks have recreation areas that include volleyball pits, playgrounds, and picnic areas which are all free to use for the public. Also, residents can enjoy nearby Urbanovsky park on Tech’s campus and the Texas Tech Recreation Center.


With Lubbock High just across the street, many Heart of Lubbock residents attend the Lubbock Exemplary Academic Program (LEAP) magnet program there. Younger residents go to school at Dupre Elementary then attend junior high at O.L. Slaton Middle School.

Neighborhood Vibe

The Heart of Lubbock Neighborhood Association and Historical District work to preserve the city’s character and to host community events. They maintain a Facebook page to update residents on neighborhood happenings. Because of its proximity to Texas Tech and Lubbock High, the Heart of Lubbock has an interesting combination of college students, faculty, and families. Residents love the neighborhood for the diversity it has to offer.