Neighborhood Profile: Tech Terrace

Neighborhood Profile: Tech Terrace

Why is Tech Terrace known as The Best Square Mile in Lubbock?


Along the south border of Texas Tech University, Tech Terrace does indeed make up a square. The boundaries are 19th Street, University Avenue, 34th Street and Indiana Avenue. Situated next to the medical district, Tech Terrace is perfect for students and faculty at TTU and TTU Health Sciences Center. Also, it’s proximity to Covenant Health makes it especially attractive for medical professionals.


Since it’s so close to Texas Tech’s main campus, the law school, the Health Sciences Center and Covenant Health, Tech Terrace has an interesting mix of students, faculty, and professionals. The neighborhood is almost split half-and-half between renters and owners. The houses themselves are all retro builds from as early as the 1950’s, with many being newly renovated. The whole neighborhood has a quaint charm owed to its historic character.


Within Tech Terrace there are two family-friendly parks. Wagner Park, on 26th and Elgin, has a picnic area, tennis court, and walking track. Conveniently, it’s right next to Roscoe Wilson Elementary, where there is a playground, basketball court, and softball field. Then, on 23rd and Flint, there is Tech Terrace Park. As an “unofficial dog park,” Tech Terrace Park is full of furry friends and their owners.  


Tech Terrace is a great neighborhood for parents that want their children to participate in International Baccalaureate® (IB) programs. Young families can send their children to Roscoe Wilson Elementary, and then Hutchinson Middle School. Roscoe Wilson Elementary is the first school in the South Plains region of the state to become authorized as an International Baccalaureate – World School – Primary Years Programme. From Roscoe Wilson and Hutchinson, bright students can enter the Lubbock Exemplary Academic Program (LEAP) which serves as a magnet program for West Texas. As the High School Alma Mater of Buddy Holly, Lubbock High is an iconic landmark of the South Plains.

Neighborhood Vibe

Any TTU undergrad would describe Tech Terrace as a place for “good vibes only.” The eclectic attitude of the neighborhood can be seen in its businesses, like local favorites J&B Coffee and Capital Pizza. There are frequent university-affiliated events in Tech Terrace. The harmony between student and family living makes Tech Terrace an interesting neighborhood to live in.