Pet-Ownership Responsibility

Pet-Ownership Responsibility

February is “Responsible Pet Owner” month, which led McDougal to think, how do we view responsible pet ownership? As some of us may already know, being a pet owner is a big responsibility. We want to share the duties of what your pet expects from you and what McDougal expects from you as a pet owner?

What Does Your Pet Expect from You?


We’ve all heard the phrase “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Therefore, if your pet is giving you unconditional love, you should too. Pets crave attention from their owner and need acceptance that comes along with living indoors with their family.  


A healthy pet makes a happy owner. Remember to take your pet on regular visits to the vet. Our pet policy at McDougal states that all pets need to be spayed and neutered. Studies show that pets are more likely to live longer lives and less likely to develop behavioral problems if they have been spayed or neutered.  


Pet interaction is vital for proper mental and social development. When referencing dog socialization, many of us only refer to dog-to-dog socialization. However, human interaction is just as significant. Providing positive experiences for your pet leads to positive pet behavior.  


Just like humans, animals need their exercise too. Dedicate time each day to take your pet on walks. Studies have shown that pets who don’t get enough exercise are more likely to act up and develop behavioral problems.  

Pet Proof Environment  

If you want to keep your pet healthy, your house needs to be pet proof. What we mean by this is keeping your pet away from household items and foods that could potentially harm your pet.  

What McDougal Expects from You?


We do allow pets on select properties, so all we ask from you is, to be honest with us. Hiding your pet from us will result in immediate eviction.  


Your pet is your responsibility. Our pet policy states that you clean up after your pet, both inside and outside of your property. All animal waste must be properly disposed of as determined by management.  


All pet owners must have control of their pets with a leash and cage. Please do not allow your pet to be outside the property without proper restraint.  


Our pet policy also states that you need to prevent poor behavior from your pet such as gnawing, chewing, scratching, and barking. If necessary, a mandatory carpet cleaning charge will be assessed upon move-out.  

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