Selling your house? Check out these staging tips.

Selling your house? Check out these staging tips.

Are you ready to start learning some tips to help you sell your home? You are in luck because we have six of the best tips to help you sell your home in no time.

So what is home staging? According to, “It is a method of decorating meant to highlight your home’s most impressive assets and help buyers imagine themselves moving in and living there.”

As you are getting ready to sell your home, put yourself in the potential buyer’s shoes. This mindset will prepare you to make your home look it’s absolute best!


One of the easiest ways to make your buyer feel they are looking at their potential home is to make the rooms more basic. You want to make the buyer feel as if they could vision the room as their own.

When you de-personalize, you allow for this to happen. The home should still have good style and charm, but shouldn’t have any of your own personal touches. For instance, this would be pictures hanging on the fridge, personal items out in the bathroom, etc.

No Clutter

It is important to remember you are not selling the buyer what’s in the house, but the space in the house”. Try and get rid of as much clutter in your home as possible. By doing so, you will make your home look bigger and will even help when it comes time to move out.

The smaller the amount of clutter, the more likely the buyer will fall in love with the house and want to purchase it.

Clean, Clean, Clean

We’ve all had our fair share of spring cleaning days, but when it comes to getting your house ready for potential buyers, the cleaning should exceed every level of cleaning you have ever done.

Every inch and square foot of your home should shine in and out. When you have your home smelling and looking squeaky clean, it will make you and your potential buyer feel much better.

Fix all the Nicks

Nothing is more important than selling a house that is free of scratches, holes, etc. To start all your patching and repairing, go through each room and mark areas that could use a touch-up.

Remember to not only look for broken appliances, but also paint that may be chipped. Just like cleaning, fixing all the nicks go hand and hand with making your property look and feel nice.


This staging tip is on the pricier side compared to the others but is just as important. Bright colors can be a turn off for buyers. The best thing you can do to make your home ready to sell is paint over bright colors with more neutrals, like white, tan, or light gray.

This gives buyers a chance to picture the home as their own and allow for a better conceptualization of the home.

Lighten Up the House

If you are showing your house on a pretty day, open up all the blinds and brighten up your home. You want to have as much light as possible to make the house shine. Adding light to the home will make rooms seem bigger and more welcoming.