Smart Assistants – How they can help you at home

Smart Assistants – How they can help you at home

More likely than not, you have used a virtual assistant like Siri, Alexa, or Cortana. These devices  can be found on almost any smartphone just waiting for someone to ask a question. They are commonly used to read a text or to check up on the weather. However, a smart assistant, same as a virtual assistant but a stand-alone device, has the ability to integrate itself into your daily life. Here are some ways that having a smart assistant set up for your apartment can help you improve your life.

Keeping you in the know

With a smart assistant, you no longer need to read news, texts, or emails every morning. Smart assistants’ ability to integrate with your phone allows you to easily ask for today’s news or unread messages. (tip: upgrade the experience by placing a smart assistant in every room to have the ability to ask wherever within your home)

Reminders & Alarm Clock

As long as your smart assistant can hear you, you can set reminders and alarms. If you are preoccupied and can’t get to your phone, just tell your smart assistant to set an alarm, “Siri wake me up at 6 a.m. tomorrow,” or if baking set a timer, “Google set a timer for 15 minutes.” Learning to use this feature can simplify everyday tasks!

Search Bar

Any smart assistant can be used for hands-free internet searches. If you have a question or are wondering how the weather will be like today, simply ask. The smart assistant will search the web and give you an answer. For example, you can ask for a chocolate chip cookie recipe. The device will then search for a recipe and guide you with instructions on how to make them. All without having to stray away from what you are currently doing. 

Control your entertainment life

For anyone willing to go the extra mile to incorporate their smart assistant into their TV or speakers, your entire entertainment system will be at your fingertips. Setting up smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa in different rooms of your home, means you can stream your favorite music or podcast from anywhere with a voice command. 

Keeping your home safe

If you are away on vacation or over at a friends house, a smart assistant can help you keep an eye out on things no matter how far away you might be. Nowadays, home security systems are high-tech, many offer features such as facial recognition and artificial intelligence for added security. Connecting to them with your smart assistance can let you check in at any point, and can send you alerts of any suspicious activity.