Summer Is A Great Time To Sell Your House.

Summer Is A Great Time To Sell Your House.

Why Summer?

While the real estate market is busiest in spring, summer is a seller’s market if you play your cards right. Plus, it’s easiest to deal with real estate in the summer when the rest of the world has slowed down.

Fewer houses are on the market.

Because most houses sell in the springtime, there are significantly fewer homes on the market during the summer that yours would have to compete. So, if you price correctly and set your home up to show well, you’ve got way less competition.

Longer days

Many people don’t have the flexibility in their jobs to take off during the day to look at homes. The longer days with more daylight in after-work hours helps in the buyers’ home buying process. Longer days will help get more buyers through your door and increase your chances of finding a prospective buyer. Additionally, you can take advantage of the longer days by improving your property’s curb appeal through DIY work.

There are more buyers than inventory.

The best thing about summer: there are fewer houses on the market, but not fewer buyers. Many buyers that try to buy in spring aren’t able to because the market is too competitive, so they are still searching in summer and complaining about low inventory.

Buyers want to move before school starts.

In addition to having fewer options, summer buyers are on a time crunch. Most people want to move before the school year and the holiday season starts, so summer buyers are highly motivated to find a good option and go for it. Also, summer is when most people have extra time to go through the long and tiring moving process. Another benefit is that you will be finished before the holiday season. Nobody wants to spend their holidays moving and packing and by selling your home in the summer, you can be sure that everything will be finished by Thanksgiving.

Tips for showing your house in the summer:

The summer season is a great time to sell your house, but because it’s a slower market than spring, sellers need to put extra effort into making sure there home shows well. So, here are some tips.

Tips for summer house showing:

  • Go all out with lawn care
  • Stage outdoor spaces to showcase summer lifestyle
  • Landscaping is key
  • Decorate with summer colors and accents
  • Keep your A/C extra cool
  • Showcase outdoor spaces in marketing