How to Attract Tenants During The Slow Rental Season

How to Attract Tenants During The Slow Rental Season

While the winter is the season of holiday festivities, celebration, and joy, unfortunately, it is not the high season for finding new tenants. That’s why most landlords try to avoid signing leases that end during the winter months. Unfortunately for landlords, sometimes things happen that you can’t plan for that cause vacancies like evictions or … Continued

What To Look For In A Rent House

Looking for a rental house can seem overwhelming. With so many factors to consider, tiny cracks, odd noises, and leaky faucets can easily be overlooked. Conducting your own property inspection will ensure that your future home is nothing short of amazing.  Here are seven factors to look for before signing a lease.  Fire check When … Continued

Cost Effective Options for Updating Your Rental Property

Are you struggling to find ways you can spice up your rental property? We have a list of recommendations for updating your property that is affordable and easy.  Add Fresh Paint Painting is the easiest way to start updating your rental property. Plus, you can negotiate a lower price when you buy paint in bulk.  … Continued

4 Things to Remember When Renting to Elderly Tenants

Elderly individuals typically make fantastic tenants. The loud music, parties, unpredictable incomes and sketchy activities associated with youth are probably well behind them. That being said, they do typically have unique needs when it comes to occupying a property. Fair Housing Act & Eviction Procedure     You might pride yourself of being the “hip” … Continued

5 Questions to Ask a Property Manager

What To Ask Before Signing The Lease… The location is ideal, the price seems right, and the contract is drawn up. But before you sign your name on the line, there are some questions you should ask a property manager. The worst that can happen is that you don’t get the answers that you wanted. … Continued

Sublease Season: Find Summer Housing Solutions

Summer is upon us in the 806. In a college town like Lubbock, summer can be a challenging time for renters. Tech students are going home before their lease ends or they need a short-term lease for summer classes. However, the summer renter’s dilemma affects more than students. Anyone going on a trip for a … Continued