The Pioneer Pocket Hotel

The Pioneer Pocket Hotel


In phenomena that have become quite familiar to Texans from West to East, many of the beautifully crafted buildings of a bygone era have fallen victim to deterioration and demolition. The old Hotel Lubbock building was, at one time, close to becoming another statistic in this category. Thankfully, it’s time has yet to come.

Hotel Lubbock as it was known in the 1940s.


Thanks to the acquisition of the property by McDougal Companies in 2005, the 92-year-old building was saved from imminent demise. McDougal Companies began a 13-year renovation effort that has been dubbed, “One of the Largest Renovation Projects of Its Kind.” Beginning with the addition of Pioneer Condos a few years back, the building formerly known as Hotel Lubbock has now added one floor solely dedicated to a luxury hotel.  Now open as Lubbock’s premiere high-end hotel, the Pioneer Pocket Hotel stands as a beacon of elegance for the people of Lubbock.


As with any other hotel experience, the rooms are the first thing to come to mind of would-be patrons. With this in consideration, the rooms of the Pioneer Pocket Hotel have been planned to the last painstaking detail to provide an intimate and relaxing experience for all.  Anyone looking for a comfortable haven for business meetings, Texas Tech football games, concerts or any other event, look no further than the Pioneer Pocket Hotel.

Food & Drink

What luxury hotel is complete without fine dining? The Pioneer Pocket has all of your taste buds covered; from the roasted bone marrow and bread of the West Table restaurant to the smoothness of a Brewery Hop Solo IPA.

The West Table

Driven by the culinary vision of Cameron and Rachel West, the West Table has quickly established itself as one of Texas’ finest restaurants. The West Table is noted for its ever-changing menu that is determined by its fresh, seasonal ingredients. Featured in Texas Monthly Magazine and led by a crew of award-winning chefs, the West Table is a must for West Texas foodies.

The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop is conveniently located on the first floor of the Pioneer building. The Coffee Shop’s peaceful atmosphere boasts a concierge desk turned coffee bar and a refinished version of Hotel Lubbock’s original doors. The Shop offers a variety of expertly brewed coffee drinks from local roasters and an assortment of pastries. This is the perfect place to grab some pre-work caffeine or to take a study break.

The Brewery

The Pioneer Pocket Hotel does not only serve alcohol but has its own microbrewery too! The Brewery, headed up by brewmaster Tim Hardy, is one of the only breweries in the city and a welcomed addition for beer enthusiasts. Offering up house staples such as the Farmhouse Ale and the Hop Solo IPA, The Brewery has all the suds your taste buds desire.


The Pioneer Pocket Hotel is centrally located in the historic heart of downtown Lubbock. This location not only boasts the historic-feel of red brick roads but puts you about 5 minutes from Texas Tech University, the Depot District and a variety of restaurant options.

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