Ways to Make Your Home Warm This Winter

Ways to Make Your Home Warm This Winter

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a cold house during the winter. While we can’t decide the weather outside, we can control the temperature in our homes. There are numerous things you can do to make your home a warmer place to be. Here are some ideas to keep your home warm and cozy this winter.

Change Your Air Filters:

While this seems like something that won’t make a big difference for the warmth of your home, it does. Replacing your air filters is just as helpful in the winter as it is for the summer. New air filters help your heater work more effectively and efficiently. More warm air is capable of entering your home, which makes it better for your energy bill since your heater will have an easier time doing its job and the house can be at a more consistent temperature without as much work. As if that weren’t enough incentive, cleaner filters lead to the spreading of cleaner air in your home, which is key during the winter because of our extended hours confined indoors.

Keep The Warmth Trapped:

We’re able to get our homes warm within a relatively short amount of time. The issue is that we often cannot retain and trap the heat in our homes. To maintain inner heat, you should cover as many windows as possible with curtains to create a barrier between the temperature the windows feel and the temperature your house is trying to keep. You should also keep both interior and exterior doors closed to help keep each room in your home warm. When you leave doors open you transfer temperature between rooms. So if you open an exterior door, then the cold air that enters can travel through the house and create a cold air destabilizer that you wouldn’t have had if you kept your doors closed. If you have hardwood floors then we would also recommend purchasing a few rugs. These will act as natural insulators for your home while also covering your cold hardwood floor.

Open the Curtains During the Day:

The sun provides natural heat so opening curtains during the day allows for more heat to enter your home without any additional help from your heater. The daytime is the only time to capitalize on free heat. In the evening time, don’t forget to shut your curtains, as this will act as an additional layer for insulation to keep the warmth trapped within your home.

These are just a few ways that you can make your home warm this winter. As always, you can never go wrong with bundling up in a blanket and wearing layers during the winter. Do whatever works for you to assure that you have optimal warmth whenever you get home.