What To Look For In A Rent House

What To Look For In A Rent House

Looking for a rental house can seem overwhelming. With so many factors to consider, tiny cracks, odd noises, and leaky faucets can easily be overlooked. Conducting your own property inspection will ensure that your future home is nothing short of amazing. 

Here are seven factors to look for before signing a lease. 

Fire check

When you are renting a house, safety is key. For your potential rent house, you should make sure that there are smoke detectors and fire extinguishers located inside. Taking these safety measures can ensure you and your home are safe and sound from any possible fire threats. 

Noise check

It’s not until you move into a new place that you begin to realize how much of the outside noise you can hear inside. Try being perfectly quiet when viewing the house and see if you can hear any cars driving by neighbors, trains, or other excessive loud noises. 

Water check 

Be sure to check the water pressure in the bathroom and flush the toilet. Also, make sure that you turn on the faucets to see if the water comes out cleanly and that there are no leaks. Performing this simple inspection now can save you from an array of annoyances later. 

Window check

Open and close each window in the house to assure they are all in working condition. Also, check to see if all of the window screens and storm windows are attached. When the windows are closed, check for drafts as this can become costly in the future. 

Security check

Make sure you are comfortable with the level of security of the home. Check deadbolts, locks, and keys to ensure you are safe both inside and outside of the home. Determine if there are any sex offenders in your neighborhood by visiting your counties website. For example https://apps.co.lubbock.tx.us/predator/main.aspx

Appliance check

This is something renters often forget to check. Make sure the oven, stove, and fridge work properly by turning them on and off.

Eagle-eye check

Take a look at the way the place has been constructed. Does it seem like a sloppy job? This can tell you something about the people who your potential landlord hired to do work for them.