What’s Up With Downtown?

What’s Up With Downtown?

Construction permits for Lubbock’s downtown exceed $56 million over the past five years. Many projects are on the horizon for the revitalization of Lubbock’s downtown. Additions like education, housing, retail, shopping centers, hotels, and even a Tornado Memorial park will span areas from Marsha Sharp Parkway to 19th Street and from Avenue Q to I-27.  

Cotton Court Hotel 

1610 Broadway

A hotel designed around all of Lubbock’s history, the Cotton Court Hotel is expected in early 2020 and will be approximately 117, 259 square feet with 169 rooms for its guests to enjoy. McDougal and LDDC sold the Houston-based Valencia Group the land to be a part of the revitalization of downtown Lubbock. This destination hotel will resemble a 100-year-old cotton gin or cotton exchange along with an indoor restaurant and rentable venue spaces! View more here:


NTS Building

1220 Broadway St. 

The tallest building in Lubbock will be undergoing a complete overhaul! As most of the building has been rendered uninhabitable for some time, Marc McDougal, as the master developer for downtown, showed enormous support for the new developer’s extensive work the building needs. The 20-story building will soon become the Metro Tower Lofts offering 89 residential housing units from efficiencies to one and two-bedroom lofts. The first three floors will be used for commercial amenities/living space, while residents will take up the top 14 levels for housing. Construction is expected to begin in late 2021!

Citizens Tower

14th St. & Avenue K

  The City of Lubbock purchased the Citizens Bank building to renovate and revitalize as the new Citizens Tower. Construction has already begun with the demolition of the parking garage to create more surface parking. The added single-story and basement will now house the Utility Customer Services Center while the tower and annex will house the City Hall’s departments, functions, and municipal services. City employees expect to move in at the end of 2019.

City Hall

1625 13th St.

  As City Hall is preparing to move into the new Citizens Tower, South Plains College Board of Regents decided to purchase the existing City Hall building for $2 million. SPC has plans for a new Arts and Sciences center downtown, relocating it from Reese Center. Hopes of offering classes by Fall 2021 for 2,500 students a semester depend on when SPC officially takes ownership of the building. The new renovations are expected to cost around $15 million and will be paid with help from the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance and the CH Foundation. The new center has hopes of creating more jobs for Lubbock, making college more attainable for locals, and helping in the revitalization of downtown.

Lubbock County Jail

3502 N Holly Ave 

 Following his efforts renovating the former courthouse, the former five-story Lubbock County Jail has been officially sold to John Snyder of Brickhugger, LLC.  Brickhugger made their name renovating historic buildings in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Lubbock Sheriff’s Department used the former jail for office space. They have now moved office functions to the newer facility next door and jail functions to their facility southeast of the airport. 

Tornado Memorial Park

8th St. & Avenue Q

 May 11, 2020, will signify the 50th anniversary of the devastating destruction of the 1970 tornado that ravaged downtown. With the anniversary approaching soon after the new year, Lubbock has plans to build a memorial that serves as a new revitalized gateway into downtown. The Tornado Memorial Park will memorialize the victims and honor the leaders who responded to the 1970 tornado. It will also serve as a Lubbock landmark in the downtown area and become a site for future generations and visitors to become educated on that piece of Lubbock’s history.