Why Property Owners need Property Management

Why Property Owners need Property Management

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Whether you’ve owned rental properties for a long time, or just acquired your first one, your real estate business can benefit from hiring a professional property management company. There’s so much that an experienced management company can provide landlords, whether it be for premier, market rate, affordable, tax credit and HUD commercial or multifamily properties.

They can provide property development services.

Instead of worrying about every leaking faucet and busted lock on your property or properties, let a property management company take care of it. They have all their own equipment and maintenance staff, so they can do it at a lower cost and offer you (the owner) a better rate for repairs. If you hire a property management company, you can become a big-time real estate owner without having to become a Master Builder and handyman.

Don’t worry about marketing and management.

You don’t have to worry about attracting new tenants if you hire a property management company. They will develop an entire marketing plan for your property and can execute on all marketing materials. Additionally, they will staff the leasing office with sales staff and agents who can take care of your tenants throughout the whole process of them signing their lease.

They’ll even collect rent for you.

We know that not all tenants are strangers to their landlord. Sometimes there’s a friendly or even familial relationship. That means that rent collection can get awkward. But, if you hire a property management company, they’ll take care of collecting rent and other fees for you.

Collect mailbox money while they do the rest.

Once you actually bring on a property management company, you can start making “mailbox money.” It just shows up every month. Property management would also give you the opportunity to grow your business because you could focus on real estate investments instead of dealing with the millions of ins and outs that come with tenants and rental properties.


Looking for an experienced property management partner? McDougal Property Management has extensive experience in the building, marketing, management, renovation and revitalization of multifamily and commercial properties in Lubbock and northwest Texas locations.


For more than thirty years, McDougal Property Management has successfully provided a wide variety of property management services for both commercial and multifamily properties. While the company started with acquiring and upgrading older properties, McDougal is now a full range property developer, owner and fee-management company in Texas.


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