Why Young Professionals Should Move to LBK

Why Young Professionals Should Move to LBK

The Hub City is the ideal place to build a career for young Texans.

The 806 is a hub for higher education

Texas Tech University

There are opportunities abound for young professionals seeking higher education. Texas Tech University main campus has almost 40,000 students, and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center and Texas Tech School of Law add another 5,000. Texas Tech is growing every year as well. Recently in addition to top law and medical schools, Tech has recently announced plans to open expand their already expansive campus to offer new programs including one of the only veterinarian programs in Texas. Texas Tech is a staple of the local economy and offers exciting opportunities in every field imaginable, as well as different ways to continue education for young professionals.

Lubbock Christian University

LCU tends to not be brought up in conversation as the giant of Texas Tech lies only a few miles away. That being said, the smaller private institution offers a more intimate campus and class sizes that are optimal for professionals looking to further their education with more one on one experience with professors. LCU has also expanded over the last few years to include graduate programs both in class and online.

It’s affordable in every way

Cost Of Living

The cost of living here is nearly 16% lower than the national average. According to Livability, the median income in Lubbock is $44,648 and the median home value is $114,400. That’s pretty darn affordable. The housing market is booming in Lubbock as the population continues to grow each year. This means whether you are looking for a new home or apartment, Lubbock is truly a renters or buyers market, the supply still outweighs the demand!

Big City That Thinks It’s A Small Town

Since Lubbock still operates like a small town in many ways, the cost of living has stayed incredibly reasonable, even as the city nears the 300,000 population milestone. As Lubbock acts as a hub city for the many small towns of the South Plains and smaller regional hubs such as Amarillo and the Midland/Odessa area opportunities for a cost-effective living are abundant! Gas prices and cost of entertainment options in Lubbock are low as well, making it the perfect place to start your career and still find time to have fun.

Centrally Located

While many may complain that Lubbock is a bit drab, that is the mindset of yesteryear. Lubbock has the highest rate of restaurants per capita in the US, and both boutique eateries and large chain restaurants have started to move in to take advantage of the market.

If you are looking for a weekend out of town Lubbock is centrally located from more regional hotspots. The beautiful mountains of New Mexico and artist colony of Santa Fe are only a few hours drive away. As are the metroplexes of the Dallas Fort Worth area and Austin. Need some nature to help soothe your soul? Well, Colorado and it’s many amazing national parks are only a few hours north. If you don’t mind driving 5 hours or so, the weekend getaways around Lubbock are endless.

The unemployment rate is ridiculously low

Explosive Growth In New Markets

Lubbock is a great place to find a job! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Lubbock has an unemployment rate that fluctuates between 3 and 4 percent, which is well below the national average of 6 percent. Also, Lubbock has a much more diverse economy than many would suspect. Medicine, education, farming, energy, hospitality, and retail are all major industries in West Texas.

Considering the growing industries mentioned above it is easy to see why many are choosing to head to Lubbock for jobs. Job availability in the trades, service industry and professional areas is sky high. Why stress trying to find a job that falls within your skill set in an area where rent is outrageous when Lubbock has a surplus of both career opportunities and housing.

Downtown is growing

The Arts

Lubbock’s downtown is metropolitan, with some West Texas flare. The Depot District combines nightlife spots with some great Texas eateries and wineries. Far from just a shipping hub, Lubbock has considerable visual art galleries and performance venues, thanks to The Lubbock Arts District. Lubbock has also broken ground on a new premiere concert hall which will rival the acoustics of even The Lincoln Center in New York City! The new venue will be called The Buddy Holly Hall For Visual and Performing Arts. It is one of the most ambitious construction projects for the arts in the recent history of Texas.

Updated Infrastructure

And now, the Downtown Project will bring utility infrastructure upgrades as well as features such as shopping centers, student housing, retail, destination and boutique hotels, bicycle paths and parking garages. Downtown Lubbock will soon be home to other additions like the National College Baseball Hall of Fame, and a new performing arts center.

Lubbock also has incredibly light traffic. The highway system of the city was built with the future in mind, making for morning commutes or nights out with little stress of navigating crowded roads. Lubbock is only getting better as a new construction project to link all of the small radius towns in the area around Lubbock has begun as well.


Lubbock is a beautiful place to create a life. Ample opportunity awaits, as does world-class restaurants, an updated nightlife, and low-stress living. When one weighs the options between starting their career in West Texas versus a large city, the choice is clear. Get the benefits of a big city, with still an ample dose of small-town charm in America’s friendliest city: Lubbock, Texas.