Why Young Professionals Should Move to LBK

Why Young Professionals Should Move to LBK

The Hub City is the ideal place to build a career for young Texans.

The 806 is a hub for higher education

There are opportunities abound for young professionals seeking higher education. Texas Tech University main campus has almost 40,000 students, and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center and Texas Tech School of Law add another 5,000. The Covenant Health system and Lubbock Christian University also have significant educational opportunities. It’s almost like Lubbock is one big mega-campus.

It’s affordable

The cost of living here is nearly 16% lower than the national average. According to Livability, the median income in Lubbock is $44,648 and the median home value is $114,400. That’s pretty darn affordable. The rent and gas prices in Lubbock are low as well, which is perfect for young Texans just starting their careers.

The unemployment rate is ridiculously low

Lubbock is a great place to find a job! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Lubbock has an unemployment rate that fluctuates between 3 and 4 percent, which is well below the national average of 6 percent. Also, Lubbock has a much more diverse economy than many would suspect. Medicine, education, farming, energy, hospitality, and retail are all major industries in West Texas. Needless to say, the job market in Lubbock is booming!

Downtown is growing

Lubbock’s downtown is metropolitan, with some West Texas flare. The Depot District combines nightlife spots with some great Texas eateries and wineries. Far from just a shipping hub, Lubbock has considerable visual art galleries and performance venues, thanks to The Lubbock Arts District. And now, the Downtown Project will bring utility infrastructure upgrades as well as features such as shopping centers, student housing, retail, destination and boutique hotels, bicycle paths and parking garages. Downtown Lubbock will soon be home to other additions like the National College Baseball Hall of Fame, and a new performing arts center.